All three books in one hardback
Milk Matters
argues the Milk Hypothesis, that immune damage has been acquired vertically, compounding intergenerationally, through early infant nutrition; and that infant nutrition is the single most important contributor to the diseases of ‘modern’ societies.

Books 1 and 2 from the hardback in one e-book
Infant Formula and Modern Epidemics
documents the ongoing real life experiment of infant formulas, and their known and emerging consequences for lifelong health. It reveals frightening facts from  industry-funded research, and explodes the pervasive myth that industrial products are “nearly as good” as breastmilk.

Book 3 from the hardback as one e-book
Crying Babies and Food 
links the science and history to everyday infant problems, like colic, reflux, disturbed sleep and allergy of every kind, giving practical advice about current controversies, and preventing or resolving such diet-related distress in young children.

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Why should you read this book?

“This book is a revelation”, said one reader.  There are three inter-related books within this one large hardback.If enough people read it, western society will have to change; and both current and future generations will suffer substantially less unnecessary illness and early death.
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