COVID 19: what to do?

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What can you do about the virus? Simple: what you’re told by health authorities, which will change over time. Above all at present, stay at home and don’t go out unless necessary; don’t invite people around; observe social distancing; pay attention to what you touch, and clean your hands often; avoid touching, or clean before touching, surfaces that others will have recently … Read More

FLRF/Medela/Code 3

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To recap. I put up two posts, the first about FLRF and the second about Medela. The point was to distinguish between two different entities with two different objectives, and to protest at the latest consequences of conflating the two.  Those consequences include a deliberate attack on the integrity of individuals who have contributed to a textbook made available by … Read More

FLRF/Medela Post

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My previous post, Friends of the WHO Code? set out the facts re the Family Larsson Rosenquist Foundation as I understand them, and I have had no contradictions or corrections. (I will report any, of course, in public posts, as I believe strongly that private groups discussing this issue misleads good people, and creates needless confusion and dissension.)    To recap … Read More

Friends of the WHO Code?

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I sometimes wonder why good sense is called common sense, when it seems to be relatively rare in some places.  Take for example some of that minority who insist that no one should, for example,   read literature created or published by commercial interests (other than their own, or their friends); attend or speak at conferences organised by any related commercial … Read More