Overselling infant formula: Lactivism

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Definitely Overselling Infant Formula:                                                  Lactivism by Courtney Jung           An overdue  review Professor Courtney Jung’s Lactivism is sensationally subtitled: how feminists and fundamentalists, hippies and yuppies, and physicians and politicians made breastfeeding … Read More


Maureen Minchin Welcome to this website. I have been educating health professionals and parents about infant feeding since the 1970s. My writing has been ground-breaking, with Breastfeeding Matters (1985) declared “a milestone in breastfeeding history” by Professor JD Baum. Click the About button or read Appendix 3 in Milk Matters to know more. That latest 800p book, Milk Matters (three … Read More

Tuteur Push Back: Minchin Review

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Push Back. Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting by Amy Tuteur. (HarperCollins NY 2016) INTRODUCTION I find it extraordinary for any medical doctor to have written a book containing such sweeping generalisations, allegations of vile motives by other health professionals, and minimally researched, provably untrue, and defamatory, assertions. Sadly, it is no longer rare for global publishers to print … Read More