what happens in pregnancy pre-disposes to food allergy…

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By birth, babies that will be diagnosed as food allergic are already different in immune function. Click on the link to read abstract, and then read my commentary below… https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/8/321/321ra8 “Now, Zhang et al. report that infants who later developed food allergy had altered immunity at birth. Cord blood from these infants had more monocytes compared with CD4+ T cells … Read More

LCGB references – a partial list

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Bookmark this website, https://infantfeedingmatters.com  for various relevant blogs, NOW, then check the archives for relevant comment–e.g., https://infantfeedingmatters.com/2015/10/24/four-months-or-six-or-neither-when-to-widen-the-milk-diet/ In my presentations at the April 2016 LCGB conference,  I discovered that some UK NHS staff remain unaware of the excellent programmes on infant feeding produced for the e-Learning for Health (e-LfH) programme under the auspices of the RCPCH. I had some input into the modules on both breastfeeding and … Read More