The milk hypothesis, immune disorder and allergy epidemics.

Foreword by Anthony F Williams


Chapter 1: The allergy epidemic and the milk hypothesis.
1.1 What does ‘allergy’ mean?
Intergenerational links


Chapter 2: How milk shapes humans.
2.1 Allergy epidemics and infant feeding: context.

Mammalian evolution and milk

2.2 Milks: mammalian or ersatz, and their impacts.
Species-specific milk and allergies
Allergies and pregnancy diet
Allergies and postnatal maternal diet
Genes and the wrong milk, or lack of the right milk
Hormones, physical development, and the wrong milk
Is this relevant to obesity?
Soy formulas and infant development
So is soy worse than cows’ milk?
Soy researchers ask about infant brains
Gold Formula for intelligence?
Cognition and genetic difference
An intelligent perspective
The societal impact
It’s not just breastmilk or breastfeeding, it’s also the formula!

2.3 Programming babies.
Programming the allergy-to-autoimmune-disease march?
The hygiene hypothesis and the allergy epidemic
The biodiversity theory and reality
Biodiversity: genes and microbes and microbiomes

2.4 Where does our immune system come from?
The immune system, infant feeding and postpartum care practices
Fluid intake postpartum
The neonatal gut microbiome and infant formula

2.5 Complementary feeds given to breastfed babies.
Comp-feeding – why did the practice arise?
Effects of the odd hospital bottle
Comp feeds and allergy
Comp feeding and family history of allergy
Studies and media silence or clamour
Comp feeds support breastfeeding? Another widely reported study
Comp feeding: legal implications and duty of care
Healthy gut healthy life

2.6 Other potentially damaging factors.
Antibiotic use
Other perinatal stressors and gut closure
Pollution and chemical contamination
The uterine environment and stress
Vaccination: a plea for rationality on all sides
An aside: vitamin K injections immediately after birth

2.7. Outcomes: bodies built on formula or/and breastmilk.
From community belief to scientific acceptance
Early diet and intergenerational effects
Research into the effects of formula
Testing and labelling formula
Early diet, intelligence and health across generations
Autism, mental health, immune disorder, and artificial feeding

2.8 Testing the milk hypothesis.
Problems with researching the idea

2.9 The infant feeding issue in the broader context.

2.10 A selective summary: breastfeeding.
The milk of humankind: a short summary
Breastmilk and smarter babies
Breastfeeding and happy families
Breastfeeding and mothers
Breastmilk as medicine for adults

2.11 A selective summary: infant formulas.
Known hazards of artificial feeding
Formulas and disease
Infant formula’s collateral damage
Formula and allergies

2.12 Conclusions, or beginnings?
Summary: my milk hypothesis and its basis.


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