iLactation presentation Why Milk Matters

We’d like to share this thought-provoking presentation given by Maureen Minchin at our conference in late 2015. We hope you enjoy it! also in Spanish and Portuguese. The link for the Spanish presentation is and the Portuguese is

LLLGB: chat with Maureen Minchin

Maureen Minchin, author of Milk Matters, talks to LLLGB Trustee Becky Bowers about her book. April 2016, Shipley.


Presented by Karen Hall. This episode features discussion of infant feeding, and breastfeeding support. We talk to Maureen Minchin, Karen reports back from the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers conference, and we have a bonus interview from there with Heather Trickey.

All About Breastfeeding

Episode 45 : Maureen is a mother of 3, who because of her personal experiences with feeding her baby,  has dedicated her life to educating the public about human milk and infant feeding and food allergies. Her work is radically different from most breastfeeding handbooks because it takes seriously the issues of infant formula feeding, exposing many realities about which even many health professionals remain ignorant. Milk Matters is her latest work, a massive tome with three different books under the one cover, which pulls together science, history and clinical practice.

ABC Small advances: understanding the microbiome

“According to Minchin, breastfeeding is the bridge between the womb and the world for babies.

‘Breast milk is meant to present the baby with a manageable dose of everything in the environment. It samples the entire environment—everything the mother eats, breathes, touches. Her microbiome is present in that breast milk and will help create the appropriate microbiome in the baby.’

Minchin is an advocate of the World Health Organisation’s recommendation to breastfeed exclusively to six months and then continue breastfeeding while introducing other foods through the first and second year.

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New Mommy Media Breast Milk and Your Baby’s Immune System

We know breast milk is best for our babies, but how exact does it help and protect their immune systems? What immune disorders are specifically impacted by our infant’s nutrition? And what makes breast milk so powerful that some cultures consider it “white blood”? Today we’re learning why mother’s milk is widely known as the perfect food for your baby.