Mastitis: old thoughts

Maureen MinchinMaternal Health

In 1985 I first argued, in Breastfeeding Matters: what we need to know about infant feeding, that mastitis is not (always) synonymous with breast infection, as was commonly said then.  This is by now accepted in the lactation consultant community. But a recent post in a mothers online group made me realise that the old idea is still alive and well, and probably doing great harm, with a horrid picture of a burst abscess scaring mothers into using sometimes unnecessary antibiotics.  So I said that I’d post the Mastitis chapter, and below is a link to where it is. Though we know a good deal more now, the basics described here are still sound, but do let me know if you think this should be updated on any particular point. And let me know via Facebook if you can’t access this easily.

After downloading, to read it easily, increase the ratio from 100 to 150%. It’s pics of the actual book pages, so needs magnification.

I haven’t got around to posting a fraction of what I’d like to on Research gate, but one day – when I have nothing better to do – I’ll start catching up the backlog of publications and so on.  (I need a computer savvy assistant, but all my children are grown and grandchildren nowhere handy!! )