Milk Matters review by Joy Anderson, expert dietitian

” New Book! ‘Milk Matters’ by Maureen Minchin

Maureen Minchin’s new book Milk Matters: Infant Feeding & Immune Disorder is now available. It is the culmination of many years of hard work and studying the scientific literature by Maureen. I highly recommend this book to parents, health professionals, really everyone!

It focuses on the profound effects of deviating from the biological norm of exclusive breastfeeding for all children and how vested interests have changed the world and contributed to so much ill-health we see today. It goes into epigenetic effects, that is, changes that have occurred intergenerationally by infant feeding practices through recent history.

If you are coping with an unhappy baby, and especially if you are doing all the ‘right things’, like exclusive breastfeeding, this book will show you that it is not your fault, but possibly that of society and its effect on your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother … And what we all have a responsibility to do to turn things around. Until lots of people fully understand the situation, we will be powerless to improve things.

A quote from Maureen’s website: “Those who read this book will be convinced of the necessity of enabling women to breastfeed their children, and the urgent need to provide women’s milk for children whose mothers cannot do so.”

This is such an important book. For more information and to see what some international experts have to say about it, see ”


Joy has made a speciality of food allergy and intolerance, and with my encouragement has written and published her own book on this subject, going into total elimination diet protocols, which Milk matters stops short of doing, as there is a need for dietetic supervision on TEDs. The review above can be found at